Convex/Concave: Belgian Contemporary Art

curated by Dirk Snauwaert and Charlotte Friling   

31.10.2019 – 12.01.2020


The exhibition Convex/Concave: Belgian Contemporary Art originates from WIELS and TANK Shanghais mutual respect and passion for the cultures and arts of the two countries.

In the current context of contemporary art, Belgium is internationally acclaimed for its many eminent artists and their creations. This exhibition rests on reflections of the dualism of contemporary art as a whole.

The convex/concave dualism represents the binary relationship between the inner and the outer, activity and passivity, self-acceptance and the reconciliation with the others. Some works are highly introvert, with the inner thoughts coming entirely from the confident expressions of the artists. Through the artworks, the artists present their self-confidence and self-acceptance and interact with the outer world; others convey feelings that are beyond bodily experiences and highly metaphysical. However, both types of artworks allow the audience to relate physically to them since ultimately they embody the organic inner-outer cycle.