"C": Digital Interactive Art Experiment



"C" is the symbol of the current idol culture and a product of the values of the new era. "C", in whichever configuration it is displayed to the public, will always forge a kind of energy that exists in the form of idols, music, art et cetera, with unlimited possibilities. Contemporary art also contains formidable energy.


The exhibition came into existence through the initiatives of ROCKET GIRLS 101 MENG MEIQI & RISE ZHOU ZHENNAN, and the creations for the theme "C" by artists CHENG RAN x MARTIN GOYA BUSINESS, He Xiangyu, Liao Fei, Shi Zheng, Tan Tian and XU ZHEN. The exhibition is fittingly presented at thevenues of TANK Shanghai which allows the audience to not only feel the energy from vvCn and the idols in the exhibition space,but also experience the energy brought by TANK Shanghai and the artists.


"C": Digital Interactive Art Experiment promotes the communication between contemporary art and society in diverse ways in the hope of pondering, through this exhibition the value-role that art should be ascribed in the process of continuous social development. As a pioneering and multifunctional contemporary art institution TANK Shanghai believes that art and creative experiments are an essential driving force in the society as of today.